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5 Days of Maximum Chaos - Nearing our move-in!

After 2 hurricanes, 3 feet of rain, and 3 months, we are closing in on our big move in, then, we got hit by a major winter storm. We got 8 inches of snow, ice, and rain over two days last week, pretty much shutting down the state of North Carolina.

"Durham and Raleigh are in the zone of maximum Chaos"WRAL Weatherman

Hopefully, we will be moved in by the end of this weekend, just in time for Christmas, but the last 5 days were a hoot and half. To our benefit, my mom (Laura Thelen) flew in to help with the move and help prep the house!

Day 1: Moving Day (Thursday) We scheduled the movers to take our house hold goods out of storage and deliver it with our heavy items from our apartment this past Thursday. Of course, the house was not yet ready, so it was a bit of a cluster.

The move was going SOOO well until, while I was prepping a bedroom for muddy boots, the moving truck got stuck in our front yard! They movers, to their benefit, they were in good spirits and we LOVE the work that TROSA does - they are hard working and have a great mission! They still unloaded everything out of a stuck truck and a huge wrecker had to come pull them out. The late night ended with me still making the last 45 minutes of our "how to be parents" class, covered in mud, but still a swaddling king.

Day 2: The Rain and Mud (Friday)

Then the rain started, a soaking, non-stop rain. Over the next day, we would get 3 inches of rain, plus with all of the snow melting, we started to get some pretty good puddles. We started off early meeting the Well folks who installed a new well head and electrical box, and spiked our well with chlorine to kill any bacteria that may have found it a cozy place over the last few months. At the same time, the plumber was finishing up his duties by installing the faucets and the dishwasher. As my mom and I got supplies for the closets, we also had to figure out a way to mitigate the growing mud-pocolypse. Sarah called it "boot-sucking mud" and it was becoming a hinderance to the job site. We ended up getting some lumber (plywood and some 2x4s) and we built a walk way to our back door to help out the workers (and ourselves). The Painters were hard at work late into the evening putting final coats on and doing some touch ups while Daniel (our contractor) and Sid (one of his workers) spend a few hours finishing up all of the trim in the house. We took my mom to Bullocks BBQ and celebrated Sarah's last day working for Duke, as the rain continued outside.

Day 3: A Pause in the Rain (Saturday)

With the painters in full steam finishing everything up, we spent the day focusing on Mud and Horses. While Sarah and my Mom ventured out to the stables to check on Gamin and see some hounds, I picked up some straw and more wood to get the house nice and dry. The straw soaked up the moisture and the extra plywood provided a nice, sturdy walk area.

Day 4: The Sun is out! (Sunday)

We kicked off the day with out traditional CBS Sunday morning (great episode) and cinnamon rolls. After the trumpets sounded, we started our day! With the sun out, my Mom and I got our closet kits and while she put together the shelves, I was cleaning the kitchen and organizing the boxes a bit (from the crazy Thursday move). We also had the HVAC guy out hooking up our gas and finalizing the HVAC system (and it works!). Sarah brought some much needed food and we all worked on getting the closets ready.

Day 5: Dust settles (Monday)

Now that everything was painted, we started the morning my installing the washer and drier. Daniel brought a dolly to make quick work and I got all of the supplies from Lowes in the morning. After the washer and drier, we started pulling up all of the paper and plastic from the floors, to reveal the protected and finished wood. It was BEAUTIFUL! But, a week of sanding drywall and paint left a quarter inch of dust everywhere and it was crazy! After a few hours, we had all of the paper and plastic up and thanks to a handy shop vac, 90% of the dust was captured. After the living room was liberated from the dust invaders, my mom and I ran to the ReUse Warehouse to pick up our sliding barn door (turned out beautiful) and my mom found a piece of live-edge wood of her dreams that she had to have. After some screwed negotiating, she got it for $75! We then went to Home Depot to get some more supplies (had to get a different gas hose for the drier) and then we ran back to the apartment for a quick IBM meeting (I was officially working ;) ). After my IBM meeting, we went back to the house for 5 hours, finishing up organization of the rooms, the closet, the washer and dryer, cleaning the kitchen, and Daniel hung the sliding door (it is so nice!). Around 7, the electrician arrived to prep the house for the Final inspection and he left around 9. It was a 13 hour day of cleaning and organizing, but it felt good to get a lot done. Sarah and I could not have done it all without the help of my Mom! Thank you!

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