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A different kind of Thanksgiving

It has been a whirlwind of family, food and fellowship over the Thanksgiving holiday. In keeping with the theme of our lives over the last several months, Turkey Day wasn't exactly what we'd envisioned, but we made the best of it, had a great time and got a lot done!

My Mom and Dad came down for the whole week leading up to Thanksgiving with the initial idea of helping us move in. Because of the electrical delays, the hurricanes and a few other snafus, that didn't happen. But, that didn't mean they got out of work. :) As we previously posted, my brother and mom helped with the front porch railing and getting rid of huge, overgrown grape arbor.

But we also... finished up the run in shed!! We took a family trip to a sawmill in Efland, NC, with a pitstop at Historic Occoneechee Speedway (one of the first NASCAR tracks - picture of Mom and Dad with an original stock car below) pick up about 50 rough cut oak 1x6x16s and spent a couple of days sawing, using my new favorite tool - a framing nail gun- and putting the last piece of cement board on the back. It's a true run-in shed now, with kick boards and a wall separating the tack and horses!

Several weeks ago, we signed up for the Raleigh Turkey Trot and since the entries were already paid, Mom, Rob and I got up early Thursday morning, took the short drive into Raleigh and trotted (Mom and Rob) or waddled (me) for five miles. It was a lovely crisp morning and the oaks of Raleigh's old neighborhoods were putting on and end of year display. It was my first time walking any race, so I got to take it all in, and my goodness those yellows, oranges and reds were pretty.

The biggest news of the race though: Mom WON her age group!!! In her words "It pays to get old and keep running." And in this case, it was true! She got a gift card to Fleet Feet and promptly bought some fancy runner socks. In other news, Rob and I survived.

We came home to the apartment, where Dad had worked hard to spatchcock the turkey (it's a thing, look it up) and get it on the smoker while we were at the race. Mom and I made some bread and pie and we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade while the house filled with wonderful smells. After a quick trip out to the house to finish up the last cuts on the shed and put the extra boards away, we sat down to a wonderful meal at our little card table. Rob's very thoughtful mom, Laura, sent us some very pretty place mats, napkins and napkin rings so even our tiny table had some festive touches.

As I reflect on our time together I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have such good people around me. We may not be the perfect family, but we when things need to get done, by golly we are going to get them done, and (usually) laugh while doing it. I'm also reminded, again, how even if plans change, life still turns out okay. We meant for this to be the first big holiday in the new house, but our card table Thanksgiving was memorable and about as cozy it gets. We hope your holiday was too!

HUGE thanks to Mom and Dad for working their way through their Thanksgiving. :)

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