• Robert Thelen

A proud husband and dad!

It has been a joy watching Sarah embrace being a mother. There have been long nights, some tears, crazy days, but through it all, she has kept her cool and her sense of humor.

To see how much she cares for Maren melts my heart. It is inspiring and I love every moment. One of the biggest joys of having "family bonding time" from IBM is being home during the ups and downs. To be home when the first smile happened (although I was sleeping, lol) or just a casual feeding, it has been an amazing adventure so far.

Sarah has strength that is so much deeper than I could have ever imagined. From the pains of childbirth (and the resulting recovery), through breast feeding (and the slow start), through multiple cluster feeds, she has been a rock star.

Maren instantly melts when she is mom's arms (much to the detriment to feeding her). So proud of you, mama!

The proof is in the pictures:

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