• Robert Thelen

A visit to the Mitton - 40 hours in Michigan

Sarah and I got to spend a fun 40 hours in Michigan visiting friends (Tom, Erin, Austin, and Brigit).

We had a blast! Spent several hours touring around the Ford Innovation Museum, specifically Greenfield Village. It was a blast! Henry Ford, after he made his millions perfecting the assembly line, decided to give back by saving and moving dozens of landmarks. Edison's Labs, The Wright Brother's Home, Websters school and so much more.

We had to wear Blue--- for Austin!

After 5 hours of touring around history, we got to go to the Michigan / Wisconsin Game (Austin is a team doctor for U of M!) Although the game did not turn out for Wisconsin, it was awesome being in a stadium with 110,000 people! Plus the Michigan crowd were very nice hosts. (Note: we did have to wear Blue so Austin didn't get in trouble, but under, we were wearing Red and White!).

On Sunday, after a delicious brunch, we went to Domino farms , a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired 3/4ths of a mile long building with an art gallery, a petting zoo, and a heard of Buffalo! Got to pet some good animals, got in a fight with an Alpaca.

It was a great and fun weekend with friends and Sarah and I had a blast.

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