• Robert Thelen

"All the Stars in the sky"

A few days ago, we lost our beloved Star Kitty. For those that have had the opportunity to meet our strange, weird, black cat, she is hard to forget. She had a beautiful black and grey coat and pretty green eyes. To most, she was a ghost, never to be seen, but to those that she loved, she always showed affection.

Star was Sarah's first adult pet and she has been a part of her life since 2008. Star was VERY stand-offish at first. I did not actually pet Star for almost two years! But then, in New Hampshire, things started to change. While laying on my back, she would come near me and I would grab her and give her a "simba" -lift her into the air. She LOVED it! She would calm down and lay next to me the rest of the night.

During the summer of 2017, I started to let her outside and she became a different cat. She would catch mice and chirp at birds.... It was wonderful.

Since I met Sarah, Star has been a part of my life and I will miss her dearly. She was weird, strange, and one of the family. She would get lost in the hall and meow until we called her. She would snuggle into a loaf and just stair at the wall, and she would chirp at birds near the window. She loved her window and she loved us.

Over the past few years, she lost a tooth, stopped really grooming herself, and lost some weight, but was still in pretty good health for a cat that is at least 12 years old (and could be 15-17!). We brought her in for a routine procedure and she had a stroke and was gone in a few hours. Sarah was by her side as she left our world and we buried her under an oak in the back yard, so she can be with the birds and bask in the sun.

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