• Sarah Thelen

And Baby Makes... Eight?

Our family is indeed expanding! There is quite a bit going on right now, but our most exciting news is that we are expecting! We are beyond thrilled and just a little terrified, but mostly just very excited. A little girl or boy (we aren't finding out until delivery) will be joining our two dogs, two cats and one horse in late January.

The first trimester was pretty rough. It really shouldn't be called "morning sickness" if it lasts all day and night... but as soon as the second trimester hit, I finally felt normal again (besides the whole growing a human thing). I've been lucky enough to stay active and healthy for the last several months. As I head into the third trimester our anticipation is growing along with my belly.

There will be plenty more to share in the coming weeks. Please check back here for photos and updates!

Hamming it up at Jake and Leah's wedding, 15 September. :)

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