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Denver Startup Trip!

This past weekend, I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Denver, CO to do get some mentorship and advice around a new start-up I have been working on.

The start-up is Rownd and we want to make a vehicle's data available to make drivers better drivers and car-owners better owners. What makes us special is that we have a fundamental belief that all IOT data collected belongs to the customer, not to a company. We want to change the way IOT devices, their owners, and 3rd party partners interact and we are starting with the 100B+ connected car market.

But, this is not about our startup (check out future posts for that), this is about Patriot Bootcamp by Tech Stars. This was an AMAZING experience. From meeting amazing founders, to inspirational speakers, to great mentors, we got to meet some of the most active VCs, CEOs, and potential partners in the US.

The program is put on 1-2 times a year and brings Veteran Entrepreneurs from across the US together. There is a pretty high bar to get in, but attending gets you access to 1:1 mentorship sessions (16 total between me and a co-founder), great product and start-up sessions, and an opportunity to just hang out with Veterans on a mission. It was great!

We also got to the finals in the pitch competition and got some great feedback.

Afterwards, I got to hang out with the Mays and go to Denver's Octoberfest, prior to my redeye home.

Meeting the founder of Backstage Capital Arlan Hamilton
Meeting the founder of Backstage Capital Arlan Hamilton

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