• Sarah Thelen

Faith and roughly 25,000 decisions

I had heard it before, but didn't really believe it. Then we actually did it and now I believe it. Remodeling is not for the faint of heart or those paralyzed by decisions. Destroying a house then putting it back together again takes a huge amount of faith and about 20,376 decisions. Faith that you've done the right thing, that you're not in over your head, that yes, there is a hole in the roof and a hurricane is coming/here, but it will all be okay.

A decision must be made for every. little. thing. I never knew I had an opinion on door handles, and now I do. For someone like me, a very analytical, "give me all the facts, I will weigh them equally and make a decision only after I've thought deeply and gone down nearly every rabbit hole possible," this remodel, has been another time I get to practice letting go and trusting with my gut. It also helps to have a fantastic partner who deals with my dead-eye stare and absurd groaning when he asks a very simple question about front door styles.

The walls are down in the kitchen and sun room, the chimney is down and the legal septic system (we had an illegal septic system... it's a story for another post) is installed. We will post more as things progress!

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