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First Daycare tour

Today, Sarah and I toured our first Daycare facility. Sarah and I are planning to return to work within a few months and getting a framework set up for what type of daycare was something we wanted to do.

There is a CRAZY amount of range between types of daycare, locations, costs, and values. From Church run day cares, to private day cares, to co-op type arrangements, we have a lot to think about. (Plus getting familiar with NC Daycare laws and regulations can only help!)

The tour today was eye-opening. First, the facility we toured was delightful. They had 11 rooms, each with a very narrow age range (everyone is within 6 months). The first room had the infants in them (the Turtle room). It had 10 babies, all ~6 weeks to almost 6 month, sleeping away. The next room were the 6 month old to the year-olds. That was SOO awesome. Unlike the infants, these kids were moving around, some could crawl, others were standing, it was AWESOME! I could not stop but smile. Then we basically toured every age from 0 to 5 years old, each room had different activities, kids having a great time, and it really is amazing how much growth happens in the first few years of life. It was a great time. Really getting excited for little Pickle to be here!

So, what do I want in a facility? I think it comes down to 4 criteria:

1. Safety - exceeds state guidelines for teachers per child, feels safe.

2. Enrichment - Stuff happening - someone to keep them thinking, learning, growing

3. Convenience - On the way to work (for one of us), good hours, maybe some weekend sessions

4. Price - It has to be on the list, I would put less weight on it, but daycare is pricy!

This one did well under this rubric, but we have many more to visit!

What do you think? Leave us your tips, hints, and best practices for Daycare selection!

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