• Sarah Thelen

Getting closer to move-in (we hope!)

There has been a fair amount of progress on the house in the last week or so! There is still plenty to do, but we have a counter top, back splash, appliances, interior doors, some windows installed, a new roof, a sliding glass door to the porch (and a PERFECT view to the run-in) and the hardwoods have been sanded and stained. :)

Weather has been the wildcard through this whole process, and it will prove itself influential again this week. The forecast calls for anywhere from 3-6 inches of snow and likely freezing rain or sleet on top of it... all to happen tomorrow... and the movers are scheduled for Thursday... and we don't have our certificate of occupancy yet. So, life could get (more) interesting this week.

If you're the praying sort; we could use some. If you're not; we're happy to accept any good juju vibes you can send our way. And if anyone knows how to turn the sky off for about two weeks, DM me immediately. ;)

Stay safe and warm everyone!

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