• Sarah Thelen

Grammy came to visit!

Maren received her first family visitors over the weekend. My mom was able to sneak down over the weekend to help my dad drive back from a music festival and visit her newest grandchild. It was wonderful to have another set of hands around the house. Rob and I actually went out to dinner for our "meet-iversary" on Feb 2nd. It was only an hour and a half, but it felt good to catch our breath a bit.

Grammy also got to live through Maren's first serious bout of gas. Poor little girl screamed her head off for a couple of hours yesterday. Rob rushed out and got her some medicine and called the nurse line for advice and to get an appointment set up for today. We were already worried about her since she hasn't pooped in a day, but the pediatrician said at this growth spurt stage, she can go up to a week before they get concerned! Her gut sounds were good and she's doesn't have any of the other warning signs of bigger issues, so we can just monitor and come back if she hasn't gone by Sunday. This is certainly the most I've ever thought about and worried about poop in my life. Oh how things have changed. :)

I also have a brand new, heartfelt and deeply emotional sense of gratitude and appreciation for my own mother. She went through all of this. Twice in 13 months. With no family around to help out. I now understand that mean that she was basically superwoman. Thank you, mom. I love you!

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