• Sarah Thelen

Grape Vine, Vanquished!

My amazing mom came down with my brother and helped out with a multitude of tasks, to include escorting me to a doctor's appointment and telling me to stop lifting things. :) But one of the coolest, and honestly, hardest things we did over the week was to take out a HUGE, overgrown grape arbor that blocked most of the view from the back deck to the back yard and was encroaching on the driveway.

It look several hours, lots of work with the lopping shears and chain saw, pulling and pushing and crow-barring the enormous snarled mess of vines off the top and and sides, and a fair amount of cussing. Scratches and blows to the face (hence the safety goggles) were common, but we were not going to let a dang plant defeat us.

As with most things with this house, they chose to over-engineer some things, and "good enough" some others. For whatever reason, they had toe-nailed in the top boards with about five nails per upright. (But curiously didn't tie in the loft rafters and used skinny pine trees as supports in the old barn) But, it's gone! We can see the back yard and run-in shed now and we will eventually use the uprights of the arbor for a temporary dog run, until we get the real fencing up.

A GREAT BIG thank you to my mom for taking her vacation time to chop down a grape arbor.

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