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House updates: We have a pasture, a fence, and we moved a house!

The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity on the farm! We are hard at work establishing a pasture so we can bring a few ponies and goats to the farm and we finished up the fencing project, putting in just under a half-mile of horse fence (to be fair, we hired a husband/wife team to do it, they had all of the tools and did an amazing job! Let us know if you want a referral!). We have a backyard and about 5 acres of pasture. We have some work to do to get the right type of grass established, but it is coming along.

We put down Millet in late May, since it gets REALLY hot and dry down here in the summer. We are really thankful that we took the advice of the local seed mill, since a few weeks after we planted, for the first time in 6 months, we went three weeks without rain and it topped off near 100 degrees! A cool weather grass, like Fescue and orchard grass would have been dead in a few weeks. Millet is an annual and we will plant a better pasture grass in the fall to get it ready for horses!

In addition, we helped a friend of ours, Joe, move a house off of our property. We had a white house in our backyard - it was in okay shape, but it was RIGHT in the middle of our backyard and blocked our view of the pasture, so we had plans to just tear it down until Joe said he wanted it. So, Joe brought a trailer over, we helped jack it up, and at 4am on a Sunday, we moved it 5 miles into place (without a permit). The house was 16 feet wide, so we took up a lane and a half :). It took around an hour to move it and I got to practice my convoy training! We all had radios and it was a very fun experience. Lucky for us, we only had a few cars and no law-enforcement! Also, it did not fall off (and we did not clip any power-lines or mailboxes!).

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