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I love my husband

BLUF: This is a mushy post, but I've never felt more strongly about writing it.

Rob has been incredible through this whole pregnancy. He took most of the burden of scheduling and decision making for the house renovation project. He encouraged me as I went on job interviews seven months pregnant. He worried with me, then made a plan as my blood pressure climbed the last few weeks and adapted when the plan changed. In short, he was my rock and my friend through this whole endeavor; never once losing his goofy sense of humor and always optimistically looking forward.

Pregnancy was just a warm up. He has stepped up in every way possible this last week and a half. My love and appreciation has only grown as we struggled through the first five days of feeding with syringe. He battled no sleep right along with me. We didn't go out and see people at all, and that is hard for him. He stuck it out in the trenches, changing diapers, taking feedings and running errands when I couldn't drive and always, and I mean always asked what he could do to help me or Maren. He has proven himself to be a fantastic father and a wonderful partner. We are so very lucky to have him.

We call this blog the Thelen Adventures. This is our biggest adventure yet. In our self-written wedding vows, I promised him I'd always be his adventure buddy. Well, honey, here we go, on the biggest adventure of our lives. I can't imagine doing this with anyone else. I love you.

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