• Sarah Thelen

If a tree falls in the woods...

It goes boom, trust me.

We have finally started our land clearing project! It's taken many months to get to this point and we've been delayed by not one, but two, hurricanes, a significant winter storm that dumped a foot of snow on the region, and likely most significantly a land clearing company that promised to do the work then wouldn't call us back.

As with any big project we've embarked on in the past year, (pregnancy, parenthood, renovating a house, starting a new job) all happens when it's supposed to and patience, persistence and adaptability are key.

Lessons in logging:

The equipment is ENORMOUS. Not as big as a combine, but the the tires are gigantic and the amount of horsepower behind these things is incredible.

Our names for the things:

The big cutter thing (one with a huge saw on the bottom)

The big grabber thing (big pinchers that drag the trees out)

The big limb-taker offer (another set of pincher things on a 15 foot platform)

The other big cutter (cuts them into smaller pieces to they fit onto a truck)

The big flinger (moves the HUGE trees around like they're nothing)

As you may be able to tell, watching the progress has been my entertainment as I sit inside and nurse. It is highly entertaining. :)

(Wix and Google photos are not being friendly right now, but I'll post pictures later, if I can)

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