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It has been a while, hasn't it!

Boy oh boy, it has been a while. So much has happened over the past few months.

Life is moving quickly and the blog has been on the back burner. Maren is just growing sooo fast that she will look like totally new kiddo to the blog community! She has discovered guided walking, she eats on her own, and loves to just hang out with mom and dad.

We have had a number of visitors and have been traveling quite a bit! The grandparents have been down a few times over the past few months and Uncle Charlie and Uncle David also came to visit Maren! Since our last update, we went back up to Wisconsin for a wedding in September and made our first family trip to the Upper Valley in New Hampshire in late October! Maren has been on an airplane 7 times already! She is a champ!

The farm has been progressing! We have some grass, a lot of radishes, and (burying the lead), Gamin and goats are on the farm! It has been a long time since Sarah had her pony on the same piece of property and we are very excited to have everyone home! We have two goat friends for her, Chuck and David (after our brothers). They are dumb, but they are also pretty funny ;) .

Maren has three 5Ks under her belt as well. Sarah is a champ at pushing her and I try to keep up with them! Life has changed, but so much is the same!

For those sending out Holiday cards, our address: 1105 Doc Nichols Rd, Durham, NC 27703.

So much more has happened, but here are some photos!

In other news

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