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Live Blog - Baby is on its way

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

{Check out this post throughout the day, I will update it!!!. Also, leave a comment below and I'll read it to Sarah!!}

17 Jan 2019

2319 - Goodnight! Thank you all for theprayers, thoughts, vibes, comments, and support! Sarah, Maren, and I really appreciate it!

2313 - Last post under this article. Sarah

is a rock star! She did an amazing job! Around 1 hour of pushing! Some more photos:

is a rock star!

1923 - Ms. Maren Rubyjoy Thelen makes her appearance! Mom and baby doing great! 7lbs 1 ounce!

1815 - 10cm, pushing starting in a few minutes!

1815 - 10cm, pushing starting in a few minutes!

1815 - 10cm, pushing starting in a few minutes!

1603 - Sarah is 5 cms! Baby is doing well! Epidural is in!

0944 - Had a pretty long night! Contractions are regular and growing. Around 0200, Sarah got some pain relief to help her rest and reset. Baby just really wants to be born on 1-17-19! We'll keep you in the loop throughout the day! Totally normal for inductions to take 24-48 hours, so we are still on track! Sarah is about to take a nice warm shower and then back at it!

16 Jan 2019

2115 - Still progressing, will be a long night. We are going to try to relax for a few hours for the trials and tribulations to come. Although stranger things have happened, probably no baby tonight. Sarah is as strong as they come! Still all smiles and in good spirits with contractions every few minutes. Also, I smuggled Sarah some salad and soup! I am basically a bootlegger.

1910 - I found the birthing ball... Also, good news, Sarah's blood pressure is right where it should be.

1719 - And, Sarah has found the birthing ball... Kind of hit a plateau of sorts, but contractions are every 2-3 minutes, just not very strong... So we are taking walks and goofing around a bit...

1625 - Contractions have been going for the last few hours. Sarah is a trooper. We have been going for walks and have been moving. The baby is also at +1 station and Sarah is 90% effaced but still ~3cm. We have had a doctor change, we now have Dr. Choi, who happens to be a horse rider. So Sarah and the doc spent 1 minute talking about the contractions and 10 talking about horses. Thank you all for the kind words and Sarah is really enjoying the comments and text messages!

"Doing good, starting to feel them" - Sarah, in response the the question, "How are you doing?"

1256 - We got moved to our birthing and delivery suite. I brought a few effects along to make it more like home. We have a super diffuser, some family photos (and horse photos), and got some mood lighting and music pumping (Sarah chose her play list a few days ago - lots of Dave Matthews!). Also, the baby is doing awesome! Listening to the heart beat right now! We also have a shower and a birthing ball! All kinds of fun! Just chillaxing right now waiting for contractions to start!

1010 - Just had our first check. Even before any drugs, Sarah is already 3.5cm dilated. So, even without inducing labor, this was probably going to happen in the next few days! Also, the baby's head is right where it should be (zero station). Going to start an IV of Pitocin soon. Over the next few hours, we will be giving updates of dilation and what station the baby is at, as well as any other fun news. There is a chance the baby is born in the next 12 hours :)

0950 - For anyone that was at the Ohio baby shower, you may recognize the bracet that Sarah is wearing. During the Ohio baby shower, everyone brought a charm and talked about what it meant and put it onto the "delivery bracelet".

"Thinking of all of you, Thank you all. It is the first time I am wearing this bracket and you'll all be with me today" - Sarah

0935 - Wisconsin is well represented in the L&D floor! One of the doctors is from Oconomowc and a nurse is from Verona. Of course, we chatted of cheese, beer, and snow and many laughs were had. I'll get some pictures soon!

0826 - At the hospital and checked into one of the triage rooms. The delivery rooms are currently occupied, but the good news is the induction process can take a while, so we'll move to a more permanent room in a few hours. Popular time to have a baby!

Sarah ready to rock it!

0730 - We are heading to the hospital right now to start inducing labor. Sarah has SLIGHTLY elevated blood pressure and the baby is at 38.5 weeks, so it is best practice to bring the baby a little early.

Check back to this post often, I will be updating it over the upcoming hours and days, until Baby Thelen is home safe and sound!

We are VERY excited!

Last night we had a nice meal and today we are going to have a baby! Crazy how the world works!

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