• Sarah Thelen

Professional Porch Railing Putter-Inners

It's been a busy couple weeks at the house. We had more amazing family helpers come down and help us out with several projects. My older brother, David, flew down last weekend with my mom. The original plan was to for them to help us move in, but two hurricanes and unexpectedly having to re-wire the entire house (more on that later) made it so they got to help with other things. :)

David had the great idea of putting in a stainless steel cable railing around the porch that extends around the entire front of the house. We have to install some type of railing to be up to code (apparently in the 70s and 80s,

they gave very little mind to people taking four foot leaps off a concrete porch; crazy times) and with the cable, we could use the existing posts and not drill into brick or concrete.

It took them most of the weekend and there was a decent amount of trial and error, but I have to say it looks fantastic! They ran out of turnbuckles (on order from the 'Zon) and daylight, but its well on its way to being ready for inspection!

A HUGE THANK YOU to my brother for taking time out of his busy life and Lindsey for taking care of the home front, while he helped out.

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