• Robert Thelen

Sorry for the delay - some updates!

Just some quick updates from the Thelen Family:

1. We are fully moved into our new house! Our address: 1105 Doc Nichols Rd, Durham, NC 27703! House is 95% done - just needs gutters and some little touch ups! I am LOVING the kitchen!

2. We celebrated Christmas in our new house with Martha Slamer! She helped Sarah and I set up the baby's room and helped organize the rest! Huge thank you to her for coming down! We even found a Christmas tree! See the pictures below!

3. It is still SUPER muddy! The rain will not stop, but the dogs love it out here and we are getting to know the neighbors!

4. Sujatha Sankaran hosted a baby shower for Sarah down here! We are truly blessed to have so many great friends and family - our child will be loved!

5. Sarah had her 36 week check up today! All is well! Sarah has good blood pressure and as of today, the baby is head down! Getting ready for the last stretch!

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