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The Brothers Thelen Build a Barn!

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

I know I've been a bit absent from this blog for a bit, but I thought I'd jump on here and brag on Rob and Charlie a little bit.

There's the plan, and then what actually happens. This seems to be a theme running through our lives at the moment and I'm learning (and continually reminding myself) to embrace it at this point. The plan: Charlie flies down from Wisconsin, the brothers build a small run-in shed and maybe complete a few other odds and ends projects, we laugh, we eat, we brainstorm for other projects.

What actually happened: Charlie's flight got cancelled on Thursday night, so he had to stay the night in Milwaukee. He eventually got out on Friday afternoon, Rob picked him up at the airport and off to Lowe's they went to pick up the first load of lumber and supplies. I met them out at the house as it was getting dark and starting to rain (again). I can't do much these days, but I can move light lumber from point A to point B. I helped do that and listened as they excitedly talked about their plans for the shed, that was quickly turning into a barn.

Then the truck got stuck in the mud. Like really stuck. So much so, that we piled in the RAV and headed home to call a tow truck to haul it out the next morning.

The boys started the next morning after I woke them up with a sack of Rise biscuits (if you've never had them, get down here and try them) video chat from my parents, niece and nephew. The tow truck met them out there and winched the truck (not easily I might add) out of the mud and safely onto to gravel drive. Lesson learned - keep the truck on the gravel.

The rest of the weekend went pretty uneventfully. I helped where I could, holding lights, handing tools to them and moving light things around the job site.

However, one major thing changed over the weekend - the small run-in for two horses turned into a 12x20x11ft run in with a 6x12x11ft grain/hay/tack storage area attached. Go big or go home. :)

I am so incredibly grateful for Charlie and Rob spending their entire weekend building something for our little farm. This is just the first (huge) step in bringing the horses home and I could not be happier.

Also, maybe it isn't so bad if not everything goes to "plan."

More photos here.

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