• Robert Thelen

The deception of "sleeping like a baby"

I have heard this many times in my life: "Last night, I slept like a baby". Oh, did you? Did you sleep for an hour, grunt, fart, wake yourself up, cry a little, throw up, pee a little, then went back to bed (maybe)? How many times did your spastic arm movements wake you up? No adult WANTS to sleep like a baby, since sleeping like a baby is a task. To

Now, we have had a few pretty good weeks (and this post will no doubt jinx it) with Maren sleeping through the night. But, even with a noise machine blaring (thanks Holly!) I still hear her little grunts and who knew a baby's farts were so loud? And we have to put her into a strait-jacket (the parent term is "swaddle", but the aims are the same - limit arm movement) so she doesn't wake herself up through random arm and hand movements. Before naps, we put her into a "sleep suit", turn on the "shussher" and make it sound like rain (Holly Rubino got us a pretty sweet noice maker - It helps daddy sleep as much as little Miss).

From now on, if someone says "I slept like a baby", I will give them some space, because they likely did not have a great night's sleep.

But, babies DO look really cute while sleeping (see pics below). But I propose we change the term to "Sleeping like a cat", since Patches (our cat) sleeps for 20 hours a day, looks pretty happy and does NOT poop herself while sleeping (so far).

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