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The joy of a date night!

"The sleep deprivation is real" - Sarah

The first few weeks of parenthood were the craziest. We started out having to feed Maren with a spoon, then a syringe every few hours. We got two hours between the starts of feedings, which meant that after an hour of feeding and another 20 minutes of getting her to sleep, we had about 40 minutes to sleep/eat/shower/etc. Day and night no longer had meaning because our little daughter did not care if the sun was up or down, she slept, at most, for an hour, then she needed her mom!

A few weeks after she was born, Martha and Bob came to town for a two days and took Maren for a few hours so Sarah and I could celebrate our 7 year "meet-aversary" on Feb 2! We went to a little Indian restaurant and it was pretty hard. We were both tired, had no interest in wine, but enjoyed the time together and a good meal.

Of course, we have been taking Maren with us to micro-brews, restaurants, and just downtown running errands, but as Maren got a few more weeks under her belt, and she started to put on weight (and taking naps, and sleeping for a few hours), we ventured out a bit further.

In March, we got all dressed up, dropped Maren off at our friends' house (Thank you Sujatha!!!) and went to the world premiere of The Best of Enemies! It is a wide-release movie (still in theatres) that tells the story of school desegregation in Durham in 1971! We got "VIP" passes and got to see the lead actress, talk to some of the children and grand-children of the protagonists, and got to live a piece of Durham history! We were away from Maren for four hours (thank you again Sujatha), Maren had a big blow-out poop, but it was a great fun night.

A few days later, when my Mom (thanks Mom!), we spent the night in Downtown Durham again at the #1 Gin Distillery in the US - Durham Distillery for a tour! We learned about how gin is made, got some samples, and just had a great time! We followed it up with a walk around the area (beautiful night) and a beer at Motorco!

While Sarah's parents were in town, a week later, Sarah surprised me with a trip to go see Captain Marvel. It was not as high-brow as the Best of Enemies or as swanky as a Gin tour, but I really really appreciated a good comic book movie!

Even though all of those were SOO much fun and a great change of pace. Sarah and I have also gotten into the rhythm of just enjoying a good movie at home. During the worst of the growth-spurts, where Maren would eat constantly from 7pm to midnight, I would pop some popcorn, grab some sparkling waters, and just sit next to Sarah and Maren and watch a good movie on Amazon or Netflix - a fun date night in its self!

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