• Sarah Thelen

We've moved! Before we move again next month.

This probably should have been one of our first posts, but we moved! We actually moved at the end of July out of our little house in Durham. We couldn't extend our lease in the Watts-Hillandale neighborhood (it's a hot market, folks) so we found a cozy one-bedroom apartment outside of the Brier Creek area in Wake County. Apartment living has it's pluses and minuses, but one of the biggest pluses ever is that we are within walking distance to the greatest biscuit place ever, Rise. So, it's not all bad. :)

Our new address (until the house is done) is:

10330 Crestgate Terrace

Apartment L4

Raleigh, NC 27617.

Thank you so much for everyone who has generously sent a baby gift. We just want to make certain they are going to the right place!

Thanks again,

Sarah and Rob

Patches at our temp apartment ready to attack...

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