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Updated: Oct 8, 2018

We really want to thank you for visiting our Blog. We hope you will join us, time to time, to learn more about what Sarah and I are up to. We have had many adventures over the past half decade and want to share it here. First, the big news, why you are here: We are expecting!!! Woot! Boom! Party! Countdown here.

Why a blog behind a firewall?

After working at a leading tech company (IBM) and interning at another one (Google), I know all too well that the business plan behind most of the web is taking free content (our joys, sorrows, highs, and lows) and monetizing them. Google and Facebook are giant ad machines who do a lot of good (connect us all, give us free, cool products), but also exploit our digital lives.

How Long will this last?

Well, let's see. After a few months, we may get bored and post more to facebook, but the truth is, we have to try this. Over the past few years, we have found that Facebook's greatest contribution to the world is connecting us all to those we love: our friends and family. We LOVE seeing how everyone is doing and we will still post and use Facebook for some things, but other events are just too big to be filtered and limited by Facebook.

So, welcome to our blog. What is old is new again! Feel free to comment and enjoy!

Rob and Sarah Get Married
Our Wedding Day

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