• Sarah Thelen

Winter Wonderland and 33 Week Photo

This weekend was another opportunity to see the beauty in our circumstances. Our area of the Triangle got about eight inches of snow, with hours of freezing and regular rain from Sunday to Monday this week. Was this ideal for our move-in time frame? Nope. Did it set us back, again? Probably at least a couple days.

But, was it pretty? Absolutely. Do we have any control over the weather? Not even a little bit.

So we take it all in stride, hope our contractor and his subs can hustle, and say thank you when we see them. :) We had a little photo shoot for the start of the 33rd week of pregnancy, took the dogs out in the snow (both love it and missed it from our time in New Hampshire), baked a bit, napped a bit, packed a little and otherwise continued hoping the roads would clear.

More on the move, which is still scheduled for Thursday, later in the week!

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